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Think These 3 Points Before You Start A Cake Business

When you love to bake and can make stunning cakes, your friends and family will tell you to start a cake business. From cake business, you can make money from something you love and passionate about. Also you can make people happy with your personal creation. But, wait, are you ready enough to start a cake business?

Why? Because starting a cake business is not easy like a piece of cake. You have to prepare these:


You know, bakers (and other jobs too) take so much time. From preparing the ingredients, making the batter, baking in oven for a couple minutes (and hours), filling the cake with cream (don’t forget to make a buttercream), frosting and decorating it. Normally for one person to do those entire tasks takes 2 hours. Not only baking, but also you have to shop ingredients, keep up your financial report, manage social media and website, take new class, and etc.


People who love to bake at home are so different to people who run a cake business at home. When running a cake business, you have to provide space to work with dozen cakes. Think about space for ingredients, decorating, and store your cakes.


If you are living with your parents or you do have your own family, think about support from them. Are they “ready” to see their house full of cakes, ingredients, and baking tools? Are they “ready” to see you busy on the weekend? Communicate with them before you start a cake business.

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